The research

Have you also been wondering?…

‘How do stress, anxiety and depression affect metabolism, diet, and vice versa?’

‘How are calcification & inflammation influenced by this?’

‘How is this linked to insulin & lipids?’

‘And what’s the part of bone metabolism in all this?’

This research is founded on an innovative proces explanatory theory; the LEA-axis, which connects psychology with specific dietary needs/ metabolic state, either increasing or reducing vascular inflammation and health risk.

The LEA-axis helps explain why depression is intertwined with comorbidities metabolic syndrome/ diabetes and (bone) metabolism issues, leading up to possible cardiovascular complications, like calcification and plaque build-up. 

Our research is made possible via a specially developed app for this purpose; LEA Score, which processes data of users with psycho-metabolic health issues, like diabetes, depression, and osteoporosis.

The app

LEA Score, a psycho-metabolic health awareness app. 

You set up your LEA Score profile and in return you access your scoring. 

LEA Score reflect, first, a signal value indicating scoring risk of low-grade chronic inflammation.

Second, a health risk awareness profile measuring depression with scoring outlooks atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis. 

In short: LEA Score presents insight into one’s metabolic & psychological issues, possibly leading up to vascular complications.

Is your LEA Score in a future psycho-cardiometabolic danger zone?

Your LEA Score … Do You Know Yourself Best 


Nociception | Osteoporosis | Bone metabolism | Vitamin D synthesis | Bile acids | Diabetes | Metabolic syndrome | Atherosclerosis | Calcification | Calcium channels | Woundhealing | Plaque | Anabolism | Catabolism | Fasting response | Dietary restriction | Insulin sensitivity | Stress | Anxiety | Depression | Phospholipid bilayer

LEA Score:

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