The LEA Score app

Do you think you might be at cardiovascular risk? Do you have metabolic issues, like diabetes? Are you suffering from depression? Or do you think you might be at risk having issues with bone metabolism, like osteoporosis? Maybe you’re a doctor and you’d like to know how your patients compare to LEA scoring?

LEA Score helps you get an instant insight into how these issues might be connected for you! 

LEA Score does not replace your doctor, nor is it meant to give any medical advice, but it helps you know where you might stand on the long-term road to these health issues. 

In short, LEA Score helps raise metabolic and psychological awareness, personalized!

How does it work?

LEA Score = Easy: You complete the LEA Score questionnaire and get the score.

Scoring on LEA Score provides awareness, or a signal value indicating risk of low-grade chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation could lead up to vascular calcification with vascular plaque build-up. 

Next to the signal value a health risk awareness profile is presented, measuring depression with possible outlooks atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis.

Thus, LEA Score presents your personalized metabolic and psychological profile.

LEA Score has great personal advantages and features…

* What’s your health risk profile now, to save on the future?!

* Get in touch and share your story with buddies nearby!

* Download LEA Score on your smartwatch and find out about LEA Score, a state-of-the-art innovative monitoring feature. LEA Score helps raise health awareness for you on a insightful day-to-day basis!

Who does LEA Score benefit?

The LEA Score app helps you as a user first and foremost. It’s a very cheap alternative to preliminary testing like a check-up for metabolic syndrome, possible cardiovascular disease, whether you suffer from depression/ bone metabolism issues.

Next to this, LEA Score makes you more aware of the effects of your lifestyle. It also presents what part of your lifestyle adds the most to the LEA Score, so what part in effect you’re most vulnerable, so you know what to change. 

LEA Score can be completed at your own leisure and saves so much time and effort in the end: it costs you less than the petrol it takes to go see your doctor. And it makes you more independent.

After you receive your LEA Score, you have an option to forward this to your doctor, care provider, pharmacist...Whatever digital infrastructure you want to connect it to.

And THIS will help care providers and clinics cause they will have cost-free extensive preliminary pre-signaling at their disposal thru LEA Score.

This can give a wealth of information to them about you, the client, without any time or effort on their part. It can help them to streamline additional testing and pinpoint interventions, while cutting health care costs along the way, and making tailored care more time efficient too.

And finally, all of this will help me make this life improving LEA research happen in a low-threshold manner. Step-by-baby-step.

So help me make it happen! A proof-of-concept of the LEA app needs to be build. If you can spare a dime to donate you can contribute to help build LEA Score! And help build lives!

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For science!

Are you employed by a university, medical facility or a clinic? Do you have healthy candidates or --in contrast-- patients at risk of depression, (bone) metabolism issues and/ or with possible metabolic and cardiovascular complications? And would you like to compare healthy vs. clinical outlooks by having your clients fill out the LEA Score questionnaire?

Then get in touch with Pepijn and start your trial with the LEA Score app! 

It’s very easy, with minimal costs and efforts involved: Simply ask your participants to download LEA Score or let them complete the paper-based questionnaire. See if your patients scoring and presented health risk awareness profile correlates with the hard clinical data of your own facility.

The LEA Score app will function best with as many participants, --patients vs. interested healthy candidates-- to use the app as possible. This will assist in refining scoring, signal values, and health risk awareness profiles on the app.

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LEA Score has great personal advantages and features…

* With the smallest of efforts you are presented an up-to-date and personalized health risk awareness profile.

* You can set-up your profile anywhere and anytime you like! Get a sense of your or your clients psychological and metabolic state, whether this is at home, or anywhere else.